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The Peach Audio Savannah 196sx is a modern stereo tube preamp with a truly vintage sound. The 196sx features a third-generation Class A vacuum tube design that combines lightning-fast transient response with an ultra-wide dynamic range for class-leading detail and precision. And with versatile controls for impedance, multiple transformer options, and mid/side processing capabilities, the 196sx offers unparalleled control over your sound.


The Peach Audio 196sx features an intuitive interface to quickly dial-in an array of high-fidelity sounds. Choose from line-level, mic-level, or phantom-enabled inputs using the source knob. The “option” setting offers transformer balanced I/O for additional interfaces—perfect for re-amping guitars.

The attenuation controls offer up to 24 dB of gain reduction in 8 dB steps so you can easily find the sweet spot on any mic. The impedance controls offer four settings, optimised for high and low impedance for both 50Ω and 200Ω microphones. Rotating the switch clockwise produces an apparent increase in gain and body. You don’t have to know the tech specs of your mic to find a setting that sounds great.


The Peach Audio 196sx offers two output options with distinctly different sounds. The XFMR transformer balanced output features all of the color and character of classic analog audio preamps. While the OTL (output transformerless) unbalanced output provides a more neutral, clean tone. In addition to a traditional stereo output, the 196sx also features an M/S setting for mid/side processing using an innovative output transformer matrix.


In addition to mastering-grade controls for input gain and output gain, the Peach Audio 196sx is equipped with two pristine-sounding filters. Filter out unwanted bass frequencies using the high-pass filter, which offers a gentle 6 dB/octave cut at 20, 40, 60, 80 or 120 Hz. Soften harsh recordings or give your tracks the lo-fi feel with the low-pass filter, which offers a smooth 6 dB/octave cut at 4 kHz, 8 kHz or 16 kHz. To add a little sparkle or shine to vocals, acoustic instruments and more, use the e1 setting to provide a 6 dB boost at 16 kHz and above, or e2 for a 9 dB boost.

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 input gain

+18 dB to + 62 dB of input gain in 4 dB steps

output gain

11dB of output attenuation in 1dB steps


four input impedances to provide optimum loading
for both 50 Ω and 200 Ω microphones


2.7 MΩ unbalanced instrument input (using mono plug)
Also provides a post-input transformer, instrument level insert point for effects pedals, re-amping etc. using a stereo to dual mono cable.


transformerless unbalanced output (pin 2 hot)
maximum output level +26 dBu min load 10 kΩ

frequency response

10 Hz to 30 kHz ± 0.5dB

mains input

selectable from rear panel 120 V and 240 V (50-60 Hz)

low pass filter

6 dB/octave cut @ 4 kHz, 8 kHz, 16 kHz

shelving filter

e1 6 dB boost @ 16 kHz, e2 9 dB boost @ 16 kHz


mic, mic + 48v @ 50mA, line – all xlr transformer balanced
option provides i/o access for additional interfaces

vu meters

+4 dBu, +14 dBu, +24 dBu selectable reference levels


0°, 180° reverses output polarity relative to input


two independent class a vacuum tube preamplifiers


–125 dBu a-weighted, source impedance 150 Ω, all filters flat


width 483 mm, depth 430 mm, height 90 mm (2ru). weight 13.1 kg

high pass filter

6 dB/octave cut @ 20 Hz, 40 Hz, 60 Hz, 80 Hz, 120 Hz


24 dB of input attenuation in 8 dB steps


mutes audio at output, vu meters remain operational


transformer balanced output (pin 2 hot)
maximum output level +18 dBu min load 600 Ω


mid/side encoded stereo output using an output transformer matrix


0.07% @ 18 dB gain, 1kHz