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 M196se rack

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    1. Hi.
      thanks for your interest.
      Sorry, The M196se rack pictured above
      is no longer in production.
      A new 2RU stereo model M196s will be
      released later this year.
      (for M196se specifications.a downloadable pdf
      is available from this page)
      I will contact you closer to completion.
      David Peach

  1. Hi Dave,

    How did you go about designing the front panel and chassis of your gear? Do you do the CAD modelling yourself? If so, Which program do you use? May I ask who does the metal work and manufacturing?



    1. Hi James.
      i designed the metalwork initially designed on 2D autocad. with screen printing using illustrator..
      the facia panels are machined aluminium, painted and screened locally using 3 different companies..

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electronics for music